Without exception all industries, worldwide, have become very competitive, margins are minimal and any delay in project delivery will negatively impact your profit.

Having to pay penalties for delivering projects late is unfortunately commonplace. Having to replace a supplier, subcontractor and/or a contractor mid project has also become a common occurrence in project execution.

Choosing the right subcontractor or supplier is of paramount importance for the successful execution of any project.

These are obviously not the only risks businesses face but Vincula can assist in limiting these risks by introducing employers to competent contractors, rated by their industry peers. Vincula obviously provides this same service to subcontractors, suppliers, and the like.



In fact, Vincula is the only company that provides this all-encompassing service in this format.

Some of the benefits of joining Vincula include:
All members can identify and list all geographical areas, industries and disciplines they specialize and operate in.
Member are provided with an advertising website to use as they please with ample space for video’s, photographs, notices etcetera.

The issuing and management of tenders is now easy, effective and immediate – worldwide, to name only a few.

The hit and miss approach in searching for a competent supplier or contractor, locally or in a different country, is no more.

Welcome to the world of Vincula.