Without exception all industries, worldwide, have become very competitive, margins are minimal and any delay in project delivery will negatively impact your profit.

Having to pay penalties for delivering projects late is unfortunately commonplace. Having to replace a supplier, subcontractor and/or a contractor mid project has also become a common occurrence in project execution.

Choosing the right subcontractor or supplier is of paramount importance for the successful execution of any project.

These are obviously not the only risks businesses face but Vincula can assist in limiting these risks by introducing employers to competent contractors, rated by their industry peers. Vincula obviously provides this same service to subcontractors, suppliers, and the like.

In fact, Vincula is the only company that provides this all-encompassing service in this format.

Some of the benefits of joining Vincula include:
All members can identify and list all geographical areas, industries and disciplines they specialize and operate in.
Member are provided with an advertising website to use as they please with ample space for video’s, photographs, notices etcetera.

The issuing and management of tenders is now easy, effective and immediate – worldwide, to name only a few.

The hit and miss approach in searching for a competent supplier or contractor, locally or in a different country, is no more.

Welcome to the world of Vincula.

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You can connect with the Vincula Community in many ways. If you just want more info you can email us or fill in the Message Us form below and we will get back to you soon. To find out whats happenng follow and engage with our Blog. To add your Listing to our website and connect with other business & business leaders, just register and choose the tier package tha tis best souted for you. You can upgrade your membership package at anytime. find new jobs, view and apply for new tenders posted on our system. You can cancel your membership any time. Check out our portals features above.


Do you have questions before you commit to a Vincula Community membership? We've added some answers to frequently asked questions that we get. Browse them and we trust you will find your answer quickly. If you are still unsure about anything, please feel free to ask a question in the form below. We will get back to you soon!

Do I need to register to use website features?

You can Explore Listings and browse our Engage Blog without registering, but to add a Listing, engage with our Blog, Add & Find Jobs, Tenders and search for products you will need one of our packages. See here for more info: https://vinculaholdings.com/get-started/

Is the subscriptions monthly or a yearly fee?

Our subscriptions are monthly based at low affordable fees.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any stage. You can also upgrade or downgrade if needed.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my subscription package?

You can instantly upgrade or downgrade your subscription package in your user dashboard.

How does the Trade Products Section work?

Our Premium users can post products on our website with full descriptions, including pricing, photos, videos, links, etc. Premium users can then contact each other to deal or make an transaction. Vincula is only the vehicle to post products to other industry users or partners and does not broker the sale. The idea behind this section is to enhance targeted marketing of products to the correct individuals. Products can be physical, digital or services products.

How detailed are the Tender posts?

We ensure our Premium users post well documented tenders so that other users who want to tender on the posts can do so properly and thoroughly.

Will I apply directly to job postings via this website ?

All jobs that are listed on our website have detailed instructions on who needs to apply for them and how to do so. Vincula website is only the marketing tool for these job listing, but they help targeted users to find them. Our layout is easy to understand and follow with all the standard Job portal features.

Will it be easy to post content to the website?

All our platforms / portals are very easy to use. You will just fill in a electronic form that asks all the right questions and then press post. You can edit your listing, job post, tender post or product listing with a click of a button. Our User Dashboard makes the site easy to navigate and use.

How fast can I remove a post from the website?

It only takes a few seconds to remove or delete content from the website that you have posted. If a job, product or tender is not available anymore, you just login, go to your dashboard and then delete or edit the content you posted.